Super Hero party

super hero party

My son was turning 3 ( wow where has the time gone)..I needed to plan a party and had two weeks to do so. Yikes!! Why do I always wait until the last minute to do these things. I thought about a “minion” party for a while but it wasn’t very easy to find things in that theme.. I had just bought Hudson a batman  cape and he loved it even though it was a little big on him. YES, super heroes!! Hubby will love the idea and it seemed pretty easy enough to find all the things I would need for the party theme.

Making the capes was a lot of work but totally worth it. I did 8 capes in about 6 hours, so not too made and cheaper than buying them. I will be posting a tutorial on how I made these soon.

I was looking around on etsy and pinterest when I came across some great pdf files that you can purchase and print out. This would give me a banner, posters and other accessories. You can find all kinds of options on etsy. I got my party pack from Thepartytown and printed out everything at my local printers. Cutting it all out was a big job but I used a blade and a ruler so it went pretty smooth.

These are some of the print outs.. I love the water bottle labels.

IMG_2363 IMG_2374

You can print out any size you want for the posters.


We couldn’t have a party without super hero capes and as much as I was hoping to find someone else to make them for me, with only week and a half until the party I set out to make 8 super hero capes and masks. It took me 2 evenings to complete them but they were so worth it.



IMG_2367 …And the show stopper the cake. I found a local lady ( Frosted Tier Cake Creations) to do my cake all in cream frosting except the superman, batman and spiderman eyes. They are in fondant. I didn’t want the whole cake in that, fondant does make for a very nice looking cake but sometimes tastes like crap!!

super hero cake


The cake was phenomenal. Cant wait to order from Frosted tier cakes again.








The kids had a great day!!

Happiest birthday to my little man…and I need to be more prepared for the next party.

Bucket full of letters


This was a fun little project that I have been wanting to do for some time now. Hudson will be three in a month and we have been working on recognizing numbers and letters. I thought these would be super cute and easy to work with on the floor.


It’s an easy weekend project for even the beginner sewer. I printed out the alphabet in about a 5″ scale and cut out the letters. There are many different sizes on line. I think I found my link on etsy.


I have 2 layers of flannel (diaper flannel cause its cheap) in between 2 scrap print fabrics. Trace each letter on the fabric and cut out. I pinned the fabric in a few places before I started to cut.


Then zigzag around tge edges of the letter with your sewimg machine.


that’s it.. Hudson got his as part of his Easter gifts.





These make a great gift as well and really not hard at all. The biggest job was cuttting out the printed letters. I would love to make a set of these for all the little ones in my life since I have bins and bins of left over scraps in all these cute fabrics.


Live laugh play

Mountain Buggy Nano

Have you all seen the Mountain buggy Nano? This would be great for urban living. Let me know what you think?

We could definitely dress this up with some Bubba and Blue Accessories.

Introducing the Mountain Buggy – NANO
Nano is the ultimate travel stroller that promises convenience, longevity of use and the authentic Mountain Buggy experience of ease and 1st class safety innovation.

MB nano 3 colors


Diy Sensory Table



I love to do sensory play with my little man. Water, rice, whip cream, ice, foam or sand. Kids love this stuff and it can keep them busy for hours. I keep H’s colored rice and beans in one container and his moon sand in another.

I have been after the hubby to make a table for the containers to fit in for a while now. Today he finally made this table for me and it turned out perfect.

He basically measured my container and then built he base a little larger and framed it in. I didn’t get pictures of all steps but I think its fairly straight forward for anyone who is a little handle with the tools :)






It’s the perfect height for H. We love having a handy daddy. Now what else do I have on my list of things for him to build.


This is one luck boy to have such a good daddy :))

Play is just as good for you as it is for your kids so lets play with our kids every day!


TOMS SHOES- One day without shoes


We already love Toms around here, they are super cute and adorable for both boys are girls of all ages but it’s what the company stands for that is  kinda amazing to me. I love knowing that for every pair I buy someone in need is also recieving a pair. How great is that? The company also supply school uniforms, including shoes ,to those less fortunate.

On April 29, please join in raising awareness in “ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES “.

Let’s all do what we can to teach others ,especially our children about how fortunate we are.

Teaching my children compassion for all people is very important to me.


Diy Moon sand


You can buy moon sand, which super fun for the kids. Makes building a castle alot easier and less messy than adding water to their sand box.

Here is a cheaper way to fill a bin with some moon sand. I tried a few differnt recipes that I saw on pinterest amd this is what I found worked the best.

5 cups play sand
2 cups corn starch
1 cup water

I used about 20 cups of sand and 8 cups of corn starch to make enough to fill a 50 qt container half full. You can add some food coloring to your water before you add it as well or use colored sand. Mix together, working it with your hands to get all the corn starch mixed well through the sand.

H played for hours in his moon sand.
I stored mine in a cover container and added a little water the next time he played with it since it dried out a bit sitting in the sun.




I Love it when something so easy becomes hours of fun for my boy outside in the sun.

Try it out guys.. and share.


Bubba and Blue Photo shoot

I did a little Bubba and Blue Photo shoot the other day that I wanted to share with you all. My older boys took some great pictures of themselves in front of a graffiti wall a few weeks ago, so I had an idea of taking some pictures of my favourite stroller sets of all time in front of the wall. It’s along the train tracks here in Vernon behind poison park. We had to clean up some garbage that was around on the ground but it was a great backdrop…

Double city select decked out in “Skully” by designer Michael Miller… Add two adorable kids and BAM!! ( As my Gregory would say)

hudson and brooklyn

I wanted to get some pics on the tracks but probably not a great idea with the kids:)) but the ones we got turned out great. We headed to the park for some more before letting the kids run and play.

Excited to add some of these to Facebook photos.



Painting with whip cream

Thank goodnes spring has sprung cause it’s been a long winter for us Canadians. It’s really the best time of the year. I’m always looking for a quick activity to get H’s creative juices flowing. This is so easy and really keeps them busily entertained while you get started on that yard work :/

I have done this with shaving cream before too but hate the way it smells.

Mix up a package of whipping cream according to package and divide into a few small containers or use a cupcake baking sheet. I use these for sorting games too. Super handy. Add a couple drops of food coloring to individual containers and mix. Easy peasy right.




And well if they eat a little that’s ok:)

With how busy families are these days and with technology all around our kids I hope everyone can remember how important it is to get our kids out side. Let them be creative and play pretend.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”

Albert Einstein

Happy Spring


Taco Salad


Do you love a great salad? I’m totally a salad person and have found so many recipes the family enjoys and we make over and over. Most of the salads we have are made as a side dish but the taco salad is a meal all on its own. Fresh crunchy veggies and spicy meat. yummy:) I have made a few different versions of this but this is a keeper.

~head of iceberg lettuce broke up or chopped
~chopped red pepper, green oninon, tomaotes or whatever veggies you love
~1 cup guacamole (homemade is best)*
~1 cup salsa
~1/2 cup sliced black olives
~1/2 cup sour cream
~ 1/4 cup thousands island dressing
~1 bag multigrain tortilla chips ( wont need the hole bag but good for munching on while u cook ;)
~ 1 pkg taco seasoning
~ 1 lb lean hamburger
~ 1 cup grated chedder

Fry up hamburger and add taco seasoning according to package and set aside. while it cools a little you can mix lettuce, veggies and olives in a bowl, add the thoussnd island dressing and mix. At this point I add about 1 cup into  the individual bowls and top with the hamberger, some sour cream, guacamole,  salsa and crushed chips. Top with a little grated cheese.

Easily feeds 4 people


Bugaboo cameleon customized stroller

Katie sent me some very pretty fabric to help customize her Bugaboo frog.

super cute huh?




I love to totally change the look of a stroller. This is a much better than a plain black stroller.

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